The Smallest 360° Camera

Built-in stitching,Live Streaming,
Mokacam provides 2K 360° video at the click of a button!

High Quality Performance

Record every moment in 2K Full-HD(Dual Cam), Moka360’s custom built lenses and Digital Signal Processors giving you the highest image quality.

220° Dual
VR Enable
Built-in Stitching
Live Stream
Waterproof Case
Minimalistic Design

We have designed Moka360 to be used by everyone. Our industrial design team was razer focused on
creating a device that anyone can get 360° video at the click of a button.

  • 56mm


  • 51mm


  • 48mm


Magnetic Mount

screws or stands. The super strong magnet attach
es securely to free your hand from holding it.

Magnetic Mount

Live stream real time 360° video to your iPhone/Android/Tablets and live service provider, share on your social media account.

Built-in Stitching

The Built-in Stitching makes 360° Videos to be available immediately.

VR Support
Sphere mode
Planet mode
VR mode
Flat mode